"For a subscription service, there is a collective pot of money that can be divided up among record companies based on their market share," said Beggars Group's Mills. "If Universal's market share is 40 percent, they automatically come in and ask for 55 or 60 percent of that pie. By the time these services get around to talking to small labels, the pie's gone. And that, I think, is harmful to artists and to the market." Cool MP3 Splitter and Joiner with fade in and fade out effects helps you to cut up an MP3 or a WAV track into small individual pieces that are extremely handy. The sound quality in the meantime remains the same as the original files. Once you have split the tracks, you can then convert them to either of the file formats. Not just that, you may also want edit the sound files or song tracks in way where there are special effects and they don’t stop awkwardly, but continue playing uninterrupted. Whether for fun, any professional requirement or for any personal reasons you definitely need a satisfying MP3 joiner. The user-friendly and straight interface enables you to find & use anything you want in seconds. All things are well done just by several clicks. With our Free mp3 merger adding + setting + merging one-step solution, you can easily merge mp3 online without reducing quality. It can join MP3 files without re-encoding, or join MP3 clips as well as convert MP3 to other audio formats like WAV, AAC, M4A, AC3, WMA, DTS, AIFF, FLAC, CAF, etc;

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